Acquisition, Description and Breeding of Amazons - HARI
Amazon FAQ Page - at Up At Six
Amazon Necrotic Foot Syndrome - Monica Sudds; Beakers
Amazons Housing, Rearing and Identification - Mike and Deb Morrison; HBH
Blue Front Amazons - Joanie Doss; Amazing Amazons
Experiences of a first time Amazon Breeder - Irene Gates; Amazone
Handling Your Amazon - Joanie Doss; Amazone
Telling the Sex of your Amazon - Dick Ivy; Amazone

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    Lights, decorations, good food…every year, as we celebrate the holidays, we fill our homes with seasonal cheer for ourselves and our families. However, what may seem beautiful and harmless to us may pose hidden dangers to our pets. Don't let an emergency spoil the festivities! Here are some common holiday hazards for dogs and cats and how to prevent them.

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