Bearded dragons are sexually mature between one and two years of age.

When the males and females are ready to mate, there can be head bobbing and "beard" puffing.  The act itself appears rough as the male grabs the back of the female's neck and positions himself.  

Mating in the wild takes place during the spring and summer months. The female digs a burrow and will lay an average of twenty eggs.  After incubation from the parchment-like eggs, the three to four inch hatchlings are on their own.

Beardies can be bred in captivity year round, though they do best if allowed to complete a "resting period" called a brumation cycle.  This is a period of two to three months when the temperature and daylight hours are reduced. 

Care must be given to keep the eggs warm enough and to separate the juveniles. Smaller babies shouldn't be left with larger ones as the larger will begin to see the smaller ones as food.


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