Boarding Kennels
Selecting a Kennel
Preparing Your Pet
Our Facilities
Selecting a Boarding Kennel

Sometimes a pet cannot travel with you. You may be traveling to a country requiring a long quarantine, or visiting friends or relatives that refuse to also host Rover and Fluffy. An out of town business emergency or hospitalization will also often require boarding a pet.

Choosing a Kennel

Your veterinarian, groomer, dog trainer, or pet owning friend can often recommend a boarding facility. A reputable facility should allow you to visit. Check the facility for cleanliness. Do the animals in their care seem relaxed and happy? Ask about feeding, and if the staff is willing to administer medications or feed special diets if necessary. A good facility should provide the animals with toys, bedding, and outdoor play time. All kennels, exercise areas, and cages should be in good repair and secure. Ask the facility if anyone checks the animals in the evening. Find out how an emergency will be handled.


Preparing your pet

Most young pets will adapt easily and quickly to being boarded. If your pet is older and never been boarded or a little unsure of himself, arrange for the pet to stay for one night before you must leave him for longer. This visit reassures your pet that you have not abandoned him. Take your pets favorite toy or blanket. This will reassure your pet and remind him of home. Make sure your pets vaccinations are up to date. A reputable kennel will require a boarding pass from a veterinarian.



Wellsboro Veterinary Hospital Boarding Facilities

We offer a complete boarding facility to keep your pet comfortable and happy while you are away.
We welcome the opportunity to show you our clean facilities and friendly staff and will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning your pet's dietary and medical needs while you are away.

Give us a call at: 570-724-3841 or e-mail us at: for rates.
Your companion pet is our priority.  We know how much your pet means to you.
As our guest, your pet will be treated with kindness and compassion.
During its visit with us, your pet will receive:

1.  Spacious, comfortable and  clean quarters.
2.  Top of the line Science Diet foods.
3.  Daily treat (if allowed by owner)
4. Record of their weight.
5. Parasite check up.
6. Physical exam by our trained veterinary team.
7. Daily exercise morning and evening in our safe fenced-in yard (for dogs only).
8. Special medical needs accommodated.

Additional Services:
(If desired)

1. Extra walks.
2. Bath
3. Nail trim.
4. Teeth cleaning.
5. Routine neuter/spaying.
6. Home Again chip inserted (a painless procedure)
7. Geriatric wellness profile.
8. Routine blood work to check the following:
    A. Diabetes
    B. Hyperthyroidism
    C. Kidney function

Boarding Costs Per Night
Dogs:  $18.00 per night 
Cats:  Regular cage - $12.00  per night.
           Private Suite - $18.00
           Day boarding is $12.00 per day.
FOR AFTER HOURS PICK-UP / DROP OFF:  There will be a $55.95 charge added to your final bill.

To reserve a stay for your pet, call Ph: 570-724-3841