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 Recommended Reading

Frogs, Toads, and Treefrogs : Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, and Behavior
Patricia P. Bartlett, Richard D. Bartlett
List Price: $6.95
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Paperback (February 1996)
          Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0812091566
          Dimensions (in inches): 0.34 x 7.89 x 6.56

Frogs and Toads (An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet)
          by Steve Grenard, Terry Gampper, Terry Gamppen 
          Hardcover - 126 pages (April 1998)
Macmillan General Reference; ISBN: 0876054440
Dimensions (in inches): 0.54 x 8.57 x 5.53

Newts and Salamanders : Everything About Selection, Care, Nutrition, Diseases, Breeding, and Behavior (More Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
            by Frank Indiviglio, Michele Earle-Bridges (Illustrator), Richard D. Barlett 
            Paperback - 96 pages (June 1997) 
            Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0812097793 ; 
            Dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 7.90 x 6.53
Care and Breeding of Popular Tree Frogs : A Practical Manual for the Serious Hobbyist (General Care and Maintenance of Series);
                   by Philippe De Vosjoli, Robert Mailloux, Drew Ready 
                   Paperback - 80 pages (January 1997)
                   Advanced Vivarium Systems; ISBN: 1882770366 ;
                   Dimensions (in inches): 0.22 x 8.56 x 5.60

Frogs and Toads As a New Pet (As a New Pet Series)
                   by John Coborn 
                   Paperback - 64 pages (March 1992)
                   Tfh Publications; ISBN: 0866225358
                   Dimensions (in inches): 0.25 x 8.40 x 6.92

White's Tree Frogs
                   by John Coborn 
                   Paperback (March 1995)
                   Tfh Publications; ISBN: 0793802822 ;
                   Dimensions (in inches): 0.27 x 9.87 x 6.75

    Pet CareGeneral Frog Info PhotoKids Books

    Pet Care
    Breeding and Keeping Frogs and Toads
    (Completely Illustrated with Color Photos Showing Breeding and Keeping)
    by W.P. Mara
    T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
    copyright 1994.
    ISBN# 0-7938-0130-3
    It's full of really great pictures with very clear basic descriptions of frog care. A thorough section on Frog Illness.  Most comprehensive for the basic pet-care needs.

    The Proper Care of Amphibians
    by John Coborn
    T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
    copyright 1992.
    ISBN# 0-86622-346-0
    Another slightly heftier book, which also has some info on salamanders and newts. Thick pocket book with lots of info and pictures. It goes for about $15 (hardback).

    Keeping and Breeding Amphibians
    by Chris Mattison
    A Blandford Book
    copyright 1993.
    ISBN# 0-7137-2328-9
    Bigger sized more general info, this deals more with different species of frogs rather than health guides. The illness section is only about two pages, but it offers a lot in the way of good information on each species of frog. It also deals with both frogs and other amphibians such as salamanders and newts. It goes for about $25 (hardback).

    Frogs & Toads
    A Complete Introduction.
    by Jay Pyrom
    T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
    copyright 1987.
    ISBN# 0-86622-395-9
    Thin, but for the beginner its a pretty good resource for basic pet care. Has a lot of photos too and I've seen it in several bookstores..


    General Frog Info Books

    Frogs and Toads
    by Steve Parker
    A Sierra Club Book for children
    Quanto Publishing
    copyright 1992.
    ISBN# 0-87156-466-1
    Great artwork and descriptions. Lots of weird frog fact info here for all ages!

    The Book of the Toad
    A Natural and Magical History of Toad - Human Relations
    by Robert M. Degraaf
    Park Street Press
    copyright 1991.
    ISBN# 0-89281-261-3
    Historical look at the perception of toads throughout history, with information on toad myths and medicine! There's even a section dealing with famous artworks, from ancient Chinese sculptures, to eerie paintings of Bosch!

    Amphibians of Washington and Oregon
    The Trailside Series
    by William P. Leonard,
    Herbert A. Brown,
    Lawrence L.C. Jones,
    Kelly Rorc Allister, and
    Robert M. Storm.
    Seattle Audubon Society
    copyright 1993.
    ISBN# 0-914516-10-8
    If you live in the Northwest, this is a pretty good field guide for "frog watchers." It even has information on how to identify different kinds of tadpoles!


    Photo Books
    Text by David Badger
    Photographs by John Netherton
    Voyageur Press
    copyrights 1995.
    ISBN# 0-89658-314-7
    Here is a great coffee table book about frogs, with lots of beautiful photos of frogs as well as some info about them that goes beyond just how to feed them bugs.  Definitely recommended for the frog enthusiast!

    Just for Kids Books

    It's a Frog's Life!
    by Densey Clyne
    A Little Ark Book
    copyrights 1995.
    ISBN# 1-86373-490-2
    Great photos and a really great intro to frogs for the beginner. $6.95 (paperback)

    Creatures of the Land and Water by Edward J. Maruska
    A Cincinnati Zoo Book (The Zoological Society of Cincinnati, Inc.)
    copyrights 1994.
    ISBN# 0-531-15714-8
    Another good basic intro to frogs and amphibians for the beginner. $9.95 (paperback)

    Extremely Weird Frogs
    by Sarah Lovett
    John Muir Publications
    copyrights 1991.
    ISBN# 1-56261-282-4
    Another good basic intro for the beginner of some rather unusual species of frogs. $5.95 (paperback)

    Text and Illustrations by David Wiesner
    Clarion Books
    copyright 1991.
    ISBN# 0-395-73511-4
    Looking for a great childrens book with frogs? Check this one out!  This book won the Caldecott Medal and is practically guaranteed to charm even those who don't think they really like frogs! Its a story about a Tuesday evening when Frogs begin a magical journey of flight. The images here are absolutely priceless and hysterical!

    Eyewitness Books
    A Dorling Kindersley Book
    Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
    copyrights 1993.
    ISBN# 0-679-83879-1
    Found in the Children's section at bookstores, this book has a plethora of fun frog facts ...worth the $19.00 (hardback.)

    Eyewitness Juniors
    Amazing Frogs and Toads
    A Dorling Kindersley Book
    Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
    copyrights 1990.
    ISBN# 0-679-80688-1
    Basically full of the same info as above, but less photography and more drawings. Still, its a great resource, and it's definately cheaper at $6.95 (paperback)!

    The Strange Story of the Frog Who Became a Prince
    by Elinor Landor Horwitz
    Illustrations by John Heinly
    Dell Publishing Company
    copyright 1971.
    ISBN# 0-440-48117-1
    The very idea is fabulous...a witch comes along and turns a frog into a prince, who wants nothing more than to go back to being a frog!

    Frogs and Toads
    by Steve Parker
    A Sierra Club Book for children
    Quanto Publishing
    copyright 1992.
    ISBN# 0-87156-466-1
    Great artwork and descriptions. Lots of weird frog fact info here for all ages!

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