Gerbils' teeth grow continuously, just like those of all other rodents. So, it is important that they be given a sterilized bone or twig that has not been treated with pesticides or any other chemicals to gnaw.

    Gerbils are social animals, so it's best to get at least two. However, since gerbils are prolific breeders, keeping males and females together is not recommended unless you are going to breed them, in which case, the best way to introduce gerbils is before they have become sexually active.

    To Introduce gerbils, set up a clean tank with a mesh divider down the middle, and make sure the divider is very secure. In one side place the female and leave her in that section for an hour or so to give her time to scent the area.

    Remove the female, then place the male gerbil in the other side of the tank.  Again, leave him for an hour or so to let him scent his area.

    After removing the male, place the female in the male side of the tank to allow her to familiarize herself to the male's scent. She should be left in the tank for about 30 minutes.

    Once she is removed, the same process should be done with the male, placing him on the female side for 30 minutes.

    Next, place the female on her side of the tank, and the male on his side of the take with the divider still in place.  Let both gerbils sniff each other through the divider. If any aggression is shown, it is likely that the female gerbil is not in her estrous period. If aggression continues, try the process again.  If the gerbils still do not get along, try the procedure again except replace the agressive gerbil with another gerbil.