Gerbils, both male and female, become sexually active from about 8 weeks.  For breeding to be successful, the female gerbil must be sexually active and in her estrous period.

The male gerbil will perform his mating procedure many times. It may take as many as ten times until the male gerbil ejaculates. The male gerbil makes an excellent father and will help the mother with her pups.

The gestation period can last for up to 28 days, with 24 being more common. The female gerbil will gain weight and her shape will change accordingly. If all goes well, the female gerbil will give birth to approximately 5 pups. Each pup is the size of a peanut and is born deaf and blind. Relying in the mother's milk for food, these furless pups will be weaned at the age of 30 days.

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    Lights, decorations, good food…every year, as we celebrate the holidays, we fill our homes with seasonal cheer for ourselves and our families. However, what may seem beautiful and harmless to us may pose hidden dangers to our pets. Don't let an emergency spoil the festivities! Here are some common holiday hazards for dogs and cats and how to prevent them.

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