Gerbils should be kept in a wire cage or a 10 gallon aquarium that has a wire mesh top. The
    enclosure should be placed away from direct sunlight or drafts, and lined with an absorbent
    bedding or some other form of litter. Timothy hay is a good choice. Avoid using pine or cedar wood shavings because the oils they contain can be harmful to gerbils. Be sure to change the litter often enough to keep it dry and odor-free.

    Gerbils like to play, so provide them with an exercise wheel that does not have any openings in which their tail can get caught, and/or allow them to run around outside of their cage for a period of time each day. Be sure to supervise them whenever they are outside of their enclosure, and make sure that there are no openings through which they can escape and become lost or hurt in rooms in which they are allowed to roam. Gerbils also like to hide and sleep inside enclosed spaces, so place a small box inside their cage.