Selecting a Grooming Business

      There are many pet care books with advice about selecting a pet groomer. Unfortunately, most of the advice is based a lot on  the opinion of the writer or has been incomplete without intention. 

 It is our objective to inform pet owners of our pet care services and wide array of client services, and then to let them make their informed decision.

Selecting the right groomer should be based on your individual needs and desires as a pet owner and your pet's needs including safety, comfort and styling. Groomers face a paradox at times based on the services requested by pet owners. Skilled pet groomers know breed standard grooming for all breed groups, and we respect them for the effort they have made to learn their profession. 

 There are some highly-skilled groomers who dislike the idea of "stripping" or "coat removal" of some purebred pets unless absolutely necessary due to the poor haircoat condition of a pet. For example, Pekinese are typically a "bath-only" pet except for some light scissoring. However,  some Pekinese owners simply don't care about breed standard grooming and want their pet's coat shaved very short to about 1/2 inch all over, and this is against all reason of breed standard styling. To these owners the pet will be perhaps "cooler" in summer, or the short coat will help prevent the pet from heavy matting because it will get wet participating in summer activities like swimming or playing in sprinklers.

There are even a growing number of long hair cat owners, like Himalayans, that ask for their cat's coat to be trimmed short all over, about 1/2 inch. Shaving to the skin is never an option as body hair protects both dog and cat skin, and provides some insulation to hot and cold environments.

However, plenty of groomers are happy to deliver any styling to pet owners as long as it is safe and reasonable for their pets. If you don't have a concern about breed standard styling for your purebred pet, be sure to select a groomer respects your contrary styling order.  Unless pet safety is at risk, we believe your desires should be met.

We believe pet grooming should serve the needs of all types of pet owners, and our opinion is then expressed only in our high standards of operation, unique quality and the most humane pet care with nothing less than the most convenient services helping our clients to meet their goals to promote a healthy and aesthetic life for their beloved pets.

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