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Guinea Pigs Meetups


Cavy Capitol of California
Jan Robertson, 2914 Chamoune Ave., CA, 92105

Cavy Club of Dixie
Becky Blocker, 2145 Wildwood Dr., GA, 30507

Central States Cavy Breeders
Karen Gray, Rt. 1 Box 19, Mo, 64071

Chesapeake Cavy Club
J. Elaine Martin, 2011 Highland Ave., MD, 21015

Columbine Cavy Club
Colorado , Email

First Coast Cavy Club
Joan Linker, 3034 Forest Oaks Dr., FL, 32073

Florida State Cavy Breeders
Robyn Martin, 3328 Wilson St., FL, 33021



Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption

 Lee Mahavier who runs a shelter for abandoned guinea pigs puts out a quarterly newsletter which costs $8 a year (the money goes to the shelter). The address is:

Home for Unwanted and Abandoned Guinea Pigs
699 Creekview Dr.
Lawrenceville, GA 30244 (USA)
(404) 963-4755


American Cavy Breeders Association



 All About Your Guinea Pig (All About Your Pets Series)
Bradley Viner / Paperback / Published 1999 

Guinea Pigs : A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
(Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals Series)
Katrin Behrend, Helgard Niewisch (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1998

Diseases of Domestic Guinea Pigs (Library of Veterinary Practice)
 V. C. G. Richardson 
Paperback (March 1996) Blackwell Science Inc; ISBN: 0632033010

The Guinea Pig : How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and
Understand Them (Family Pet Series)
Katrin Behrend, et al / Hardcover / Published 1997 

Anatomy of the Guinea Pig

Gale Cooper, Alan L. Schiller (Contributor) / Hardcover / Published 1975

Aspca Pet Care Guides for Kids: Guinea Pigs
Mark Evans, Roger A. Caras / Hardcover / Published 1992 
Guide to Owning a Guinea Pig : Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Exhibition, Health Care (Re Series)
Graham J. Edsel / Paperback / Published 1997

Becoming Best Friends With Your Hamster, Guinea Pig or Rabbit (Pet Friends Series)
Bill Gutman, Anne Canevari Green (Illustrator) / School & Library Binding / Published 1997

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