Generally living 3 to 4 years, rats will weigh between 400-800 grams.  The average body temperature of a rat is 38 degrees C.  Rats need about 40-80 ml of water daily and have a tendency towards obesity.

Easily trained, rats make good pets as they learn quickly who their owner is will respond accordingly.

 Rats come in many varieties and colors.


Living 2-3 years, mice will weigh between 20 and 40 grams.  They have a body temperature of approximately 37.5 degrees C.  While mice need about 3.75 ml of water daily, they generally will not overeat.

Mice come in a wide variety of colors.



Mice will be amenable to their owner, in unfamiliar situations, however, they may bite so they should always be handled with care. The more the mice are handled the better pets they will be.

Mice should be picked up by the tail (not the tip, gently grab at the middle of the tail!).  Set the animal on a rough surface, while holding tail, and allow it to stretch out. While it is stretched out, grab the scruff of the neck and release the tail.


Rats rarely bite unless frightened or in pain. Pick rats up by lightly placing your hand around the shoulders with the thumb under the animal's chin. Hold the animal firmly to prevent escape but do not hold so tightly as to injure it. If the animal is aggressive, you can handle them as with mice, however, you must carefully grasp the tail at the base and gently lift to prevent injury.

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