Rats and mice should be housed indoors at a temperature of 15 to 27 degrees C (59 to 80
degrees F).

Commercial or homemade cages are acceptable for these pets, providing that the following
guidelines are followed:

*Glass or metal cages are preferred.  Wood or plastic can be chewed through, resulting in escape. Old aquariums that will no longer hold water make good, economical cages for these pets.

*A top is required on all mouse and rat cages. The holes on the top should be small enough to discourage animals from pushing or gnawing on the top.

*Rats and mice are active pets that require plenty of room for exercise.  A 45 cm longl x 30 cm wide x 25 cm high cage is adequate for 2-3 mice or one rat.

*Toys - Ladders, exercise wheels, hollow tubes and other toys are essential to the health of your pet rat or mouse. These toys give the animals something to do to pass the time and prevent boredom.

*Rats and mice are very social animals and the best housing situation is a larger cage with more animals and extra toys. This allows the animals to stay active and happy.

Acceptable Bedding Materials

     Soft Wood shavings
     Tissue Paper
     Saw Dust
     Bedding should be cleaned two to three times each week to reduce odor and disease,
     especially in mouse colonies.