You will get the most enjoyment from your rabbit - and vice versa - if he/she lives in your home with you. People sometimes confine rabbits to a life in an outdoor hutch because they do not realize what wonderful house pets they can be. With a little training, your rabbit can be a delightful indoor companion.


Cages in general

Rabbits were not designed to live on wire floors! Living on wire floors can cause a condition known as sore hock to develop on their feet. Cages with wire floors were designed for the convenience of breeders who were looking for an easy way to clean up after the most rabbits in the least amount of time. Cages with wire floors must have a piece of untreated plywood, rice or maize straw mat, plexiglas, or carpet that the rabbit can sit and lay on. If you try carpet and the rabbit chews it, immediately replace it with something else.