Sugar gliders are omnivores. In their natural habitat, insects make up the majority of their diet. In captivity, it is important to supply gliders with enough protein and variety in their diet to keep them happy and healthy.

Offer meals that are between 40-50% protein supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Avoid items containing preservatives, pesticides, and excessive fat. Fresh is best. Appropriate sources of protein are: mealworms, crickets, and grasshopers. Good suggestions for fruits and vegetables are: grapes halved, tomatoes halved, raw corn kernels, sliced loose
cooked potato chunks, green beans, carrots, cantalope / melon, blueberries,and apples. Suggies also enjoy yogurt.

Do not give gliders anything containing garlic, onions, or chocolate as these can be toxic to them. Feed gliders in the evening and remove any foods that can spoil in the morning.

Because suggies are prone to a disease of the bone,it's important to maintain the appropriate ratio of calcium to phosphorous in their diet. A number of recommended diets are available including Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's Mix, The Suncoast Diet, High Protein Wambaroo Diet, and Darcy's Diet. If you choose to follow one of these, follow it exactly as any modification can upset the nutritional balance of the specific diet.

Fresh water should always be provided every day either in a bottle or a dish clipped to the side of the cage.