Jan. 22, 2001
Dr. Kreger,

I'm impressed with your web site.  It is simple to navigate,
informative, clear and comprehensive.  Nice job!

Dr. Mary Craig
Managing Director,
CraigWorks Consulting

Feb. 27, 2000:
 I wanted to let you know how accurate and informative I found your hedgehog information
page.  Good hedgehog information is difficult to find on the Net.

Thanks for having such a great site!!

Kimberly Potts
Hedgehogs Halfway Home
Newark, DE
(302) 456-5979

C.D. Thatcher wrote:

I am really impressed with you WEB site, looks good and has a lot of valuable information.  I bet it is a hit with your clients!

Craig D. Thatcher, D.V.M., Ph.D.,Diplomate A.C.V.N.
Professor and Head, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
 Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Colleen Hanson wrote:

   Hi Dr. Kreger. What a great website! I especially like the page about bird care. Besides my dogs (whom you   already know) I have several birds and really appreciated all that info you have listed! There are a lot of facts   there that I never knew (like Teflon pans being toxic to birds..) info that is good to know. I think your hopital   and staff are just great. I will continue to recommend you to all of my friends with pets!

Colleen Hanson
  (Auggie the Bassett Hound's mom.)

Dr. Kreger & Staff-
(Clinic, Complex, & Inn)

    No words can express how I feel.  You all helped me through a hard time in my life.  You all helped Dek, too.  You gave him many months to share with the people who love him.  You were always there for Dek to help him jump back from his moments of illness.  You took special care of him and treated him like "family."
    You all are such a wonderful group and I speak very highly of you all.  You are not just a "business" but wonderful people who care.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart--then, now, and always.

Michelle VanOrder

Dear Friends,

    We want to say, "Hi," and to thank you for all the "loving care" and "kindness" you gave to Hannah and to us during a very difficult time.  Your loving care means more than words can express.  Just like Hannah to lead us to loving, caring people who would become good friends and comfort us!  You're in our thoughts and prayers.   We will be up to see you; just need a little time to heal.  Thanks again for all your kindness.  We love you all!!!
    If you ever need references....we're it!

George & Gwen Knerr

P.S.  Thanks for the card.  I read it and am comforted.  We'll keep it with our treasured memories.


Dr. Kreger,

    You are the first person I'm sending a card to this year.  Thank you (and your staff) for helping A.B. (16) through another year.
    Best wishes!


    To everyone who helped us through losing our beautiful "Tiffany."  We really were very thankful she lived and loved us as she did.  She was one of a kind and can never be replaced.
    We will always love and miss her.  We did get two more labs, both females.
    Your kindness meant more than you'd ever guess.  Thanks os much for your thoughtfulness.

Judy Aumick
& Frank Brown
Millerton, PA.

Dear Dr. Kreger & Staff.

    It certainly was nice of you to be so kind--and thoughtful, too!
    Thanks again, to all of you, for being so kind and understanding when we lost our Mindy.

   The Grinnells

Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for sending the solaxine for Bear.  He hasn't been feeling great but he is doing better.  We had fleas from other dogs here so he has been itching a bit although we are slowly getting rid of the pests.  He still needs to put on some weight but his appetite has improved.  We are having a house built so he should have more room to run around in a couple months.  The place is surrounded by county parks.
    The cats are fine and Screech is up to  14 pounds with ne excess fat.  At 1 1/2 years, I am not sure how much bigger he plans to get.  He still thinks that he is a dog.  All three cats now move to new places like old pros.
    I though you might enjoy seeing Bear in action here.  One photo was taken in Reedsburg, WI and the other in Monroe, WI.  He even made the TV news for a third race in Madison.
    Hope everyone is well and thanks again,

   Karen Smith

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