Many web sites, including our Pet Portal, has limits on how big a photo can be. 

Photos from digital cameras or photos that have been scanned are often too large and will not upload completely or properly to websites.  These photos should first be edited or optimized with a special photo editor. 

A photo that has been edited or optimized will upload much faster and use much less space on the website.

Before you upload a photo to your Pet Portal, your photo needs to be resized to meet our requirements. 

We recommend you use the on-line photo editor in Google + to resize your photos before you upload them to our Pet Portal.  Picnik is free to use and you can even try it out without signing up for an account.

Once you have uploaded your photo to Picnik, click on the Resize button and set the width to 500, with the Keep Proportions box checked and hit enter - this will automatically resize your photo to the correct height, as well.

Then click OK and Save & Share, then Save Photo as a file in your hard drive.  When you are finished, you can upload your optimized photo to our Pet Portal quickly.